CISCO Asks Obama to Restrain NSA to Save US Tech Industry

CiscoThe Chief Executive of Cisco, John Chambers, has sent a letter to US President Barack Obama saying that NSA’s surveillance might lead to a total collapse of trust in US technology.

The letter, a copy of which has been seen by Financial Times, ask for setting “standards of conduct” so that unbridled surveillance does not jeopardize the leadership position that US enjoys in technology.

The letter bears the date after a day of leaking of pictures where NSA staff is shown installing beacons on networking gear intercepted before being reshipped to target destinations.

John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco, has written in the letter that such surveillance will lead to collapse of confidence among customers that buy US technology gear and other things.

Mr Chambers has also admitted that the surveillance activities by NSA had led to some customers delaying their orders. Since Cisco equipment handle the internet traffic, therefore, it might be at a far greater risk than other devices if security of its equipment becomes questionable.

Apart from Cisco, other top technology firms have also written to president over the surveillance methods of NSA. Eight tech companies, which also included Google, Apple and Facebook, had impressed upon the US government for reforms in the existing laws in December last year.

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