Class-action Lawsuite Filed Against Apple for False Storage Claims on iOS8

apple-lawsuitA class-action lawsuit has been filed against Apple for misrepresenting the storage available on its 8- and 16 gigabytes iOS devices.

Plaintiffs Christopher Endara and Paul Orshan have filed the case at a California court. The complainants maintain that Apple failed to clearly communicate to the users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that after installing the iOS upgrade, the usable storage space will be reduced by as much as 23.1 percent.

The complainants have claimed that such storage discrepancy after upgrade is not expected by “reasonable consumers”.

According to their estimates, removal of every gigabyte of storage meant a loss of storage of 500 high resolution pictures. They even have alleged that Apple went one step further by selling iCloud storage upgrades because of this issue.

The law-suit claims that such “sharp business tactics” from Apple are like taking advantage of unsuspecting users who might not be then able to take pictures of their cherished moments at a “desperate moment.”

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