Comcast to Waive Unpaid Internet Bills for Low Income Families

ComcastComcast has made it easier for low income families to bring more kids online by waiving off the requirement to settle previous unpaid bills to get new internet plans.

This change in policy means that low income families will be able to buy $10 per month internet plan from Comcast that guarantees internet speed of 5 magabits per second. This plan also entitles  the family to get a PC at a reduced price.

Comcast had been criticized that its previous policy was not pro-poor because it demanded that families settle their unpaid bills before getting internet plans.

Comcast hopes that this will be beneficial in getting regulatory approvals for its Time Warner Cable deal of $45 billion. The company has said that its Internet Essentials program will be extended to areas which are currently served by Time Warner Cable, Los Angeles and New York being the most notable ones of these.

The Internet Essentials program was launched by Comcast in 2011 but has extended its validity for indefinite period.

Under the new policy, household families having at least one child eligible for federal school lunch program can avail this offer and they will not need to pay their unpaid bills of more than one year old.

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