Dropbox Hires Google’s Motorola CEO as its COO

The CEO of Google’s Motorola Mobility, now under acquisition by Lenovo, is leaving the company to head over to Dropbox as its chief operating officer, a WSJ report says. Dropbox-LogoThis follows the earlier news that Lenovo is going to acquire Motorola Mobility for a consideration of $2.9 billion.

Dropbox, currently the most popular cloud storage service, started its operations in 2007 and has not had a COO till today. Once Dennis Woodside joins Dropbox, he will be working to increase Dropbox international growth in an environment which has since become extremely competitive with Google, Amazon and Microsoft all trying to be leaders in cloud.

Woodside has been working with Google for a decade. He was earlier head of ad sales of Google in Americas and was later named as the CEO of Motorola Mobility after the merger of Google-Motorola in 2013.

Dropbox growth has been steady over the last few years. Dropbox CEO said in September last year that the service was being used by 200 million users which was up from 100 million in previous November. Dropbox is valued at $10 billion based on the $250 million financing round it undertook last month.

Source: The WSJ

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