Dropbox Suffers Two Hours Outage, Denies Hacking Claims


The most popular cloud file storage service Dropbox suffered a down time of 2 hours on Friday which the company attributed to things going wrong during normal internal maintenance. However, one hacker group claimed that they were responsible for the outage with a DDoS attack.

A hacker group going by the name The 1775 Sec claimed on Twitter shortly after the service went offline that they were successful in compromising Dropbox database. They also linked to a post of Pastebin.com with a supposed cache of user user data.

Dropbox users were being redirected toa  system Status page during the outage. And the attempts by users to login to their accounts were giving a 500 Error message.

Dropbox, however, maintained that the data leak claim was a hoax which was also later confirmed by a tweet from The 1775 Sec where they said that they had taken down Dropbox in memory of internet activist Aaron Swartz who died after he committed suicide on Jan 11, 2013.

Dropbox has posted on their blog that the service is back up and again denied that there was any successful hacking and leaked data.


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