Earn $1.5 Million by Hacking an iPhone

A famous private exploit seller is now offering up to $1.5 million to anyone who comes with a working attack against fully patched iOS devices.

Zerodium is a private company that deals in purchasing zero day exploits and pays heavy prices in exchange for finding hitherto undiscovered exploits in popular software platforms.

The new price of $150,000 is thrice the earlier price that the company was willing to pay. The company paid $1 million last year to three research teams for buying the remote zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS9.

The company is also offering up to $200,000 to those who can come up with a working exploit for Android 7 devices.

Apart from these two popular mobile platforms, the company is also offering difference prices for different other popular software. Here is the updated rewards list from Zerodium.


The exploits are then sold to private clients which also include different governments which use these for tracking and spying.

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