How Edward Snowden Stole NSA Coworker’s Password

An internal memo of NSA obtained by NBC News details how Edward Snowden managed to gain access to the passwords of his coworkers at NSA.Edward Snowden

The memo, dated February 10 sent to Congress under signatures of Ethan Bauman, the Director NSA Legislative affairs,  says that the NSA civilian employee entered his own password on Snowden’s computer on his request little knowing that Edward Snowden had captured his password without his knowledge. This capture of password led to even increased privileges to Mr. Snowden for stealing information.

According to the memo, the civilian employee in question was not aware of what had happened but his security clearance was revoked because he failed to comply with the security obligations required of him. The memo was sent on requisition of Congress Judiciary and Intelligence Committees who had wanted to know if NSA was taking measures to ensure that its employees do not lack sensitive information.

This memo exactly confirms an earlier report by Reuters which claimed that at least 25-30 NSA workers in Hawaii revealed their passwords to Snowden which meant he had wide access for downloading documents. The employees in question have been stripped of their duties at NSA.

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