EU May Fine Google Upto $9 Billion Over Android Anti-competitive Practices

EU antitrust regulators have hinted at penalizing Google for its anti-competitive android practices. EU regulators allege that Google’s Android licensing policies penalize those smartphone makers who do not install its Google search as default on Android devices.

A 150 pages document, called Statement of Objections was sent to Google in April. The document reveals that EU regulators have intent to tell Google to stop giving discounts or making payments to manufacturers who pre-install Google PlayStore with Google Search.

The EU regulators also have plans to direct Google to not force smartphone makers to pre-install its other proprietary apps.

The investigation has been initiated after a complaint by a lobby group named FairSearch which has the backing of companies that want a level playing field and do not want a monopolized search engine market.

The document states that the Commission has the intention to fine Google at a level that will act as deterrence. Normally EU regulators fine based on revenue generated and other similar factors and this could mean that Google may be fined around $9 billion. Google has said in its statement that:

“We look forward to showing the European Commission that we’ve designed the Android model in a way that’s good for both competition and consumers, and supports innovation across the region.”

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