Europol Warns Users of Free Public WiFi Risks

Europe’s law enforcement agency Europol has advised users of public WiFi internet to stay away from exchanging and typing in sensitive information because of the ever increasing risks associated with public WiFi networks.

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Torels Oerting, the head of cybercrime division of Europol said while talking to BBC that public WiFi were under ever increasing attacks and the magnitude of the problem was difficult to grasp. He said:

“You maybe see that your credit card is being misused… but you cannot really capture where it happened.”

David Emm from Kaspersky Lab has said, while talking to Telegraph, that you might be exposed to threat even if you just casually expose yourself to a public WiFi internet. He said:

“If someone is able to capture your log-in details, or other sensitive information, they have the key to unlock your digital lives. And it doesn’t have to be the guy at the next table. A typical wi-fi router has a range of around 100 metres. So it could just as easily be someone sitting in the cafe over the road, or in the nearby car park.”

As a general basic level internet security, he recommended these four steps:

  • Use an updated anti-virus product.
  • Keep all your devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, and not just your personal computer free from virus and protected.
  • If you need to send or receive sensitive or confidential information,then never trust a public WiFi and use a trusted network.
  • Before logging into a website always see if it is using the secure “https” protocol in its address bar and the its security certificate and padlock symbol should be correct.

Via @ Telegraph

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