Facebook Buys Potluck, Branch for $15 Million

In an effort to improve the real-time conversations and groups, Facebook has acquired link-sharing services Potluck and Branch.

facebookpotluckbranchThe CEO of Branch, Josh Miller today announced that: “After two years building Branch and Potluck, I am thrilled to announce that we will be continuing our mission at Facebook.” He also added that Branch and Potluck will form the conversations group of Facebook. He also said that the pitch of the social network is to “build Branch at Facebook scale.”

The acquisition is valued at $15 million.

Both Potluck and Branch will continue to work independent of Facebook saying that the future products from the group will remind of both the services.

Today’s announcement is a 180 degree shift in stance of Mr. Miller, who a year ago had termed Facebook as “an irreversibly bad brand,” when he wrote about declining interest of teens in Facebook.

Facebook has been making efforts to make its presence in real-time public conversations which are currently dominated by Twitter. The company had also announced in June last year that it will be rolling out hashtags that will allow similar posts to be grouped together.

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