Facebook Can Predict Your Relationship Jump

Facebook has claimed in a post that it can predict the timing when two people might change their life status from being ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’. FacebookThis study has been based on aggregated anonymised data and observed the frequency of timeline posts between two people.

The research observed that there was a steady build up of increase in number of Facebook posts between two people who would ultimately be a couple.

And after the couple announces that they are in a relationship, the number of posts shared between both of them sees a decrease which Facebook says is due to the couple trying to spend more time with each other in the real physical world.

The research also focused on the use of positive and negative words after the start of new relationship and noted that the user of words like love and happy increased in a big way and the use of words like hurt and hate declined significantly.

The research also noted that the interaction of users who recently changed their status to single with their friends increased 225 percent which Facebook attributed to the family and friends coming to comfort the person.



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