Facebook to Cut Down on Unwanted ads in Newsfeed

Facebook has announced a few changes to its advertising policy on Friday and said that users newsfeed will not contain less ads related to services and products in which they are not interested. This is the latest effort by Facebook to refining the newsfeed of the users at a time when ads are becoming more important than ever for its business model.

A statement from Facebook said:

“When deciding which ad to show to which groups of people, we are placing more emphasis on feedback we receive from people about ads, including how often people report or hide an ad. If someone always hides ads for electronics, we will reduce the number of those types of ads that we show to them.”

Facebook is constantly tweaking its ads strategy to make ads more prominent to the users without making the 1.15 billion users annoyed.

Facebook had said in July that it injected one ad per 20 stories in the newsfeed. Facebook, the prime social network of the world, gets more than 85 percent of its revenue generated from ads.

Big names like AT&T also advertise on Facebook but there are other ads from small companies targeting things like teeth-whitening products and weight-loss which are not welcome by users.


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