Facebook Developing Its own Video-chat App

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook is busy coding a new video chat app which has been internally named Slingshot, Financial Times has said quoting sources familiar with the matter.

The app is reportedly fast and user can send a video message by tapping only once or twice. The source also claimed that Slingshot might be launched as soon as this month. However, he also cautioned that it was possible that Facebook might not launch it.

Slingshot, in all probability, will be different from Facebook Messenger, which is keeping in line with Mar Zuckerberg’s strategy of unbundled Facebook services.

The Slingshot project is directly being looked after by Zuckerberg himself, who failed to entice Snapchat’s creators with a $3 billion offer.

Slingshot is another attempt to compete with Snapchat even after Facebook subsequently has acquired WhatsApp Messenger, another popular messaging service having more than 500 million users at a cost of more than $14.6 billion.

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