Facebook to Discontinue Sponsored Stories on April 9th

Lykketoft viser FacebookFacebook will be phasing out its notorious Sponsored Stories ads from April, the company has said in an announcement. The company had confirmed in June last year that it was going to stop Sponsored Stories but now we have a confirmed date when these will be removed from Facebook site.

Sponsored Stories got controversial right from the start because these involved sale of users actions on Facebook to advertisers. For example, if you checked in at Starbucks, Facebook could sell his action of yours to Starbucks who could use it in an advertisement to your friends without your explicit permission.

A class-action lawsuit was also filed against Facebook over Sponsored Stories in 2011 and Facebook settled the case with a payment of $20 million. This is by no means a huge money by Facebook’s standards but these sponsored ads and the lawsuit that followed dented its public image.

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