Facebook to Face Lawsuit Over Scanning Private Messages

facebookA U.S. judge has held that Facebook will have to face a class action lawsuit which accuses Facebook of illegally scanning private messages of the users for profiling them for advertisements. The judge did not agree with some of the state-law claims against Facebook but at the same time denied any relief to Facebook which had requested the court to dismiss the lawsuit.

Facebook had maintained before the judge that scanning the private messages of the users was covered under an exception to the Federal Communications Privacy Act which allowed such leverage to the service providers their their normal course of business operations.

The judge said that Facebook had  “not offered a sufficient explanation of how the challenged practice falls within the ordinary course of its business.”

The lawsuit was filed against Facebook in 2013 which accused Facebook of scanning the private messages content for links to various websites and then added those links as likes for those pages and profiled users for later on delivering targeted advertisements to these users.

The complainants had claimed that this scanning of private messages was in violation of federal and state law of California. Facebook had ceased to scan private messages for this purpose as of October 2012, as per court filings by Facebook.

Mathhew Campbell had filed this lawsuit and sought a class action on behalf of all U.S. users of Facebook who had sent or received website links in their private messages.



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