Facebook iPhone App Drains Battery- Fix is on its Way

Facebook has said that it is soon going to push, as soon as today, a fix to its it’s iPhone phone which it has admitted drains battery life.

Users had complained that Facebook iphone app put a lot of pressure on battery even in case of rare use after the latest iOS version allowed users to pinpoint apps that are the heaviest taxers of battery life.

Facebook has said that the problem has been located which is related to a problem called “CPU spin” in which the app put the CPU in a constant spin to check if the process has been completed. The second issue is that the audio session remained active after the video playback has been stopped, much like Apple’s Music app or Spotify apps which keep the audio session alive in case the user would restart it.

A Facebook engineer has said that a fix has been issued today which would limit the CPU spin problem and also the background audio problem will be resolved.

Facebook has said that the battery drain problem is not associate with users’ refusing permission to location data.

“We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. We are committed to continuing to improve the battery usage of our app and you should see improvements in the version released today.” Facebook said.

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