Facebook Launches Video Ads in News Feed

facebook video adsFacebook has rolled out video ads for a small section of advertisers, a post on Facebook’s website’s business section announces.

These video ads had been in discussion for quite long time and Facebook was testing these. These video ads are set to autoplay when a user scrolls down his or her news feed. The sound on the video is muted unless the user wants to listen to the sound and engage with the video ad. Facebook has also said that Nielsen will be measuring the effectiveness of these ads.

Facebook has tried to address every day users concern by saying that:

“We’ll roll out Premium Video Ads slowly and monitor how people interact with them. This limited introduction allows us to concentrate our efforts on a smaller number of advertisers with high-quality campaigns.”

The company said that the video ads product has been launched but the full coverage of video ads will start within next few months.

This is a fine line for Facebook because users reaction is not known at this time while advertisers want to put their products in the news feeds of the Facebook users. Users on the other hand want little distraction.

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