Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp Process 60 Billion Messages per Day

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook said at the F8 developers conference earlier today that Facebook Messenger was the fastest growing product of Facebook platform in 2015 and it is the world’s second most popular app. You can bet that the world’s most popular app is Facebook itself.

It was reported at the last year’s F8 conference that Facebook Messenger had 700 million users and within a year that user count has gone to 900 million monthly active users.

Because of the ever increasing meteoric popularity of messaging apps, these numbers are not uprising. But what is noteworthy is that Facebook messenger has outpaced other bigger Facebook products like Instagram and Whatsapp.

Zuckerberg also announced that the combined activity of messaging on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger was three times the global mobile sms volume and stood at 60 billion messages every day.

Facebook has also announced a bot platform for its Facebook Messenger app which will introduce personalized stories and ecommerce features like ordering flowers through the app.

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