Facebook Messenger is Now End-to-End Encrypted For All 1 Billion Users

Facebook has finished its rollout of the end-to-end encryption to all of its 1 billion Facebook Messenger users for protecting the users from hackers, Facebook itself and the government agencies. First trials of this encryption feature were started in July and now the company has confirmed to Wire that the rollout is complete for all of its users.

The new option of “secret conversations” is available inside Facebook Messenger. Once activated, you will continue to talk as normal with encryption protection and also with the additional option of self-destructing messages.

Videos and GIFs functionality is not available but it is possible to share pictures in this mode. Both the users need to have the latest Facebook Messenger and the encrypted conversations will not be available on multiple devices.

Messenger is quite late in offering this feature because Whatsapp already offer this feature from April 2016. Other messenger apps like Wire, Telegram and Signal also offer this feature.

However, encryption will only become active on Messenger if the user actually asks for it. So majority of the conversations will go un-encrypted.

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