Facebook Quietly Introduces Universal Search Across Network

About a year ago, Facebook had transformed its search bar at the top, which was being used for finding friends, into a bar that could be used for finding all posts from friends too. And now after indexing all posts from everyone on Facebook, the Facebook has further improved the search box which now can be used for searching all the posts on a topic without having to wait for these to appear in your News Feed. This is exactly a Google like function within the Facebook. And remember that Facebook has a trove of more than 2 trillion posts and all these are now searchable.

This has turned Facebook into a  tool which can be used to see what is talk of the town on the internet in real time, an art that is currently dominated by Twitter. The Facebook search already generates more than 1.5 billion daily searches. The new search feature will bring in results based on all public posts.

Rousseau Kazi, a manager with Facebook search unit said:

“Because we’ve indexed the entire world’s conversations, we tell you things that are trending, things that are breaking, what’s happening right now.The whole idea here is that if you can group these pieces of content in certain ways, it makes it pretty easy to get the full story.”

Twitter has already launched its Moments feature which is a quick way of grasping the hottest happenings in the world including live events and sports etc.

This search function from Facebook is a direct competitor to that feature and in the long run falls in the overall strategy of ultimately transforming Facebook into a search engine.

The new feature has not been given any name so far. Simply, the search will be a lot more powerful now. These results will be highly personalized, which Google itself has been trying to emulate.


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