Facebook to Hold F8 Developers Conferecne on April 30

Facebook has announced that it is going to hold its F8 developers conference, after a break of almost three years, on April 30 in San Francisco.


F8 will feature many tech tutorials and hands-on workshops for more than 1,500 app developers to help make them crate better Facebook apps that bring them more money, Facebook has said.

Facebook has been making recent efforts to urge developers to restart making apps for its platform and not just for Android and iOS because after the rise of these platforms its Facebook platform, once the prime destination for developers, has seen a max exodus to iOS and Android.

F8 is not a regular feature because the last F8 conference of Facebook too place in 2011 where Facebook also unveiled its new Timeline for Facebook users.

Last year Facebook also acquired Parse for a price of $67 million, a start-up that specialized in providing tools to developers for creating app for many diverse platforms.

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