Facebook Transforming Business Pages Into Online Stores

Facebook is going to push hard for introducing ‘buy’ button. Buzzfeed News has reported that Facebook is starting to transform its business pages into online stores. Though, it is still in initial testing, but is a clear indication of what Facebook has in mind and where it want to take this online shopping opportunity.

To put it simple, Facebook can create a huge revenue stream aside from ads if people start buying via its platform. And given that people take Facebook as a social tool, it might be a bit troublesome for Facebook initially. And this is the exact reason that Facebook is keeping the test on a small scale right now.

According to Buzzfeed, Facebook wants to handle the whole shopping experience from ad to checkout. This is something on the lines that Pinterest has been trying to achieve.

Buy buttons have been appearing on Facebook for about a year now but mostly these are inside the News feed as part of advertisements. But creating stores inside Facebook business pages will be a bigger challenge and a more transformative change. Facebook has confirmed to BuzzFeed that currently the number of stores in tests are in double digits.

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