Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in Rare Interview from 2005

A rare video of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg from 2005 has appeared in which he is wearing a white t-shirt and gym shorts and holding a mug of beer. His take on the Facebook as at that time is worth listening, though he has recently been acting like a big statesman. This is a huge transformation from a barefoot and shorts-clad CEO of Facebook in 2005.

When asked about Facebook he said:

“I think Facebook is an online directory for colleges. A lot of people are focused on taking over the world. I really just want to see everyone focused on college.”

This gem of a video has been spotted on Twitter and has gone viral on internet. This is an incredible video that gives information about early days of Zuckerberg and Facebook. The Social Network and the Angelfire page of Mark Zuckerberg and this video are important connecting dots that led to making of the giant social network we call Facebook. Here is the video interview of Facebook in 2005:


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