Fingerprint Can be Copied from Ordinary Photographs, Hacker Claims

FingerprintsIf you are the type that is security conscious about online presence, then perhaps the time has arrived when you should not take your gloves off from your hands in public or on internet. A hacker group has claimed that they were able to copy fingerprints of a person using a simple consumer camera, according to report from BBC.

The hacker named Jan Krissler has claimed that he was able to copy fingerprints of German defense minister Ursula von der Leyen by taking close up pictures of her hand that were taken at a public speaking event.

Fingerprints have been highlighted as a less secure form of identification previously too. Chaos Computer Club, which is the largest hacker group in Europe had started claiming after iPhone 5S launch last year that it was possible to fool this sensor.

And this is a big concern now after claims by Krissler that all it needed to clone a fingerprint was a good photograph. However, it is not possible to hack into someone’s account by just using this fingerprint. You also need to be in possession of the phone.

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