Fitbit Force Causes Skin Irritation to 10,000 People

The fitness activity monitoring device Fitbit Force has resulted in skin irritation to more than 10,000 people, according to US Consumer Product Safety Commission. The company has issued an official recall notice which is available on CPSC website too. With recall, the owners of Fitbit Force get full refund.

Fitbit force is priced at $129 and is an improved version of earlier Fitbit flex, which is in the shape of a wearable rubber band that monitors users steps and sleep. Fitbit is of the view that the skin irritations has been the result of its stainless steel back which might have led to allergic reaction to those allergic to the materials used in it.

While 10,000 number may sound high but it is just 1 percent of One million users of Fitbit Force in US and Canada has another 28,000.

The company had voluntarily stopped sale of Fitbit Force and issued a recall.

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