Fitbit Stops Selling Force Fitness Band on Skin Rash Complaints

Fitbit is stopping sale of its Force fitness tracker which is a rubber band to be worn around wrist. It calculates steps and is used as a sleep monitor. It costs $129.


The company is also issuing a recall for this Force product  and will refund full payment to owners who have been affected. The company will also work on a replacement product. A company blog post said that they have stopped selling Force device. It also noted that the product had affected only 1.7 percent of users. The blog post by its CEO James Park read:

“We have stopped selling Force and have decided to conduct a voluntary recall. The materials used in Force are commonly found in many consumer products, and affected users are likely experiencing an allergic reaction to these materials. We hired independent labs and medical experts to conduct a thorough investigation, and have now learned enough to take further action,”

The material responsible for irritation could be any thing ranging from traces of nickel to elastomer or adhesives.

Force, which is an upgraded version of the earlier popular Flex band, was released in October of last year and received positive reviews and sound sales. The progression of skin rash attributed to Force wristband was documented by The consumerist last month.

If you are one of the affected users, you can file for refund by visiting the recall page of the Fibit.

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