Flappy Bird Creator Targets Clones for Copyright Infringement

Flappy birdFlappy Bird game can easily be termed as the most cloned game of the year but now Apple is sending copyright infringement notices to makers of clones of Flappy Bird on behalf of .Gears Studio, the developer of the original Flappy Bird Game.

The developer of Flappy Bird, Nguyen from Vietnam, had told Rolling Stone magazine last month that he was going after the clones of Flappy Bird. He had not elaborated the steps he was going to take.

Flappy Bird was being addictively played by millions of people before its creator took it down from both iOS and Android abruptly citing the reason that it was too addictive.

After its take down by Nguyen, hundreds of copycat clones of Flappy Bird have surfaced on both Google Play and Apple Store.

Even a developer has created a clone of Flappy Bird in Apple’s new Swift language.

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