Flappy Bird Game is Back, But Just on Amazon’s Fire TV

flappy-birds-familyThe creator of insanely popular game Flappy Bird has launched his next game named Flappy Birds Family. But for now it is just available on Amazon’s Android App Store and can only be installed on Fire TV. This new Flappy Bird game is similar to the earlier version but with even more obstacles and local multiplayer features.

The main reason Flappy Birds Creator Dong Nguyen took down the original game was its addictive nature. May be it is because of this reason that the game has been released for a home based TV environment so that it does not get that addictive where people start sacrificing their time that should have been devoted to family and friends.

The other reason for sole release of Flappy Birds for just Fire TV might be a deal by Amazon to drive Fire TV sales. The game is listed as a free to download game without any ads at the moment.

Things will get clearer in the coming days. We in the meanwhile hope that Nguyen gives a thought to releasing Flappy Birds Family for other platforms like standard Android and iOS.

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