‘Flappy Bird’ Gone: Here is How to Play It Even Now

The creator of wildly popular and difficult game Flappy Bird took the game down over the weekend from both Apple App Store and Google Play for iPhone and Android users.

This led to all kinds of violent reactions from fans which also included even death threats.

If you have already downloaded Flappy Bird game to your mobile, you can continue playing it. Of course the creator will not be releasing any updates or new levels. Owners of Android phone can still download it from other app sites that still have it listed. Or even can search for the .apk file and side-load it to their Android. (This might carry a risk of malware, so be sure of the clean source of the file before you download it).

But if it it not in your mobile and you still are curious to play it and want to see why it was so popular a game, you can head over to a website called and CrazyGames.com and play it there. You can go to CrazyGames.com by clicking on the picture below and start playing Flappy Bird.


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