‘Flappy Bird’ is Officially Removed for App Store and Google Play

flappy-bird-game-offlineWe had earlier reported that the creator of Flappy Bird, the addictive and difficult game, has said that he will remove the game from App Store and Google Play.

Now we can confirm that he has followed through his statement and Flappy Bird has been removed from both Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, had tweeted that he will take down the game despite its success but he did not give any explanation for this except that his life had been affected by its popularity. The game was free to download and play but with the ads shown on the game, it was generating $50,000 per day for the creator.

There has been some speculation in the media that Nguyen gamed both Google Play and Apple App store to reach the top game spot but no proof of this is available.

If you really like Flappy Bird, you should not think that it will be magically removed from your smartphone. However, new users will not be able to download the game and you will not be able to get any updates for the game because Nguyen will not be maintaining it.

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