Gmail Access Blocked in China After Months of Trouble

spam gmailIt has been widely reported that China has blocked access to Google’s Gmail even via third party email clients like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. Gmail website itself had already been blocked by China many months ago but many foreigners and other Chinese businessmen had been using it via these third party services.

But now Gmail has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China at the IP level which has frustrated a lot of users in China. Google data shows that traffic to Gmail has dropped to zero in China.

Now currently the only way to access Gmail is to use encryption via a software named VPN (virtual private network) but China firewall has been known to block popular VPN software

But Google is not the only company that is blocked in China. In fact Facebook also remains blocked in China despite efforts by Zuckerberg to get the ban lifted. Instagram was also recently blocked for a brief time after the Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters posted their photos on the photo sharing community. LinkedIn is also offering a Chinese version of its business networking site but only after having agreed to censor its content for Chinese users.

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