Gmail Recovering After 4 Days Outage in China

GmailIt is being reported that Gmail is coming back to life in China. According to the Transparency report form Google, the traffic going into China for Google’s email service is slightly recovering. This was first reported by Financial Times that access is coming back.

The increase in traffic hints that the 4 day outage is coming to an end though no explanation has been given for this outage. According to reports in the news media and also reported by Reuters, the government might have been responsible for this in China. This has also been suggested by GreatFire.or, an anti-censorship group based in China.

Google had clearly announced that the Gmail outage was not a result of any failure at its end and a spokesman for the China government had also said that they were not aware of any such issue.

Google has a patch history of operations in China for many years. Gmail was completely blocked in June this year ahead of the anniversary of Tianamen Square incident. However, users were able to access Gmail via third party services like Outlook from Google or email client from Apple. This loophole was plugged during these four days but the service is again back.

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