Google and Audi Team Up for in-car Android Based Systems


The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google and Audi are going to announce soon at the Consumer Electronics Show taking place next week that they are jointly developing an android based in-car entertainment and information system. Sources privy to this have claimed that the people using these systems will be able to get access to services and apps very similar to Android based tablets and smartphones.

This announcement that Google is working closely with a car manufacturer is almost seven months after Apple announced the development of iOS for cars. Apple is working on integrating iPhone into the infotainment system of car to provide access to apps and services. However, the joint efforts of Google and Audi will result in Android based apps running on the hardware of car itself. Apple’s efforts have already won support from many car manufacturers like Daimler, Ferrari, BMW, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Honda.

The Wall Street Journal claims that the new car models will arrive in about five years time. Not much detail about the collaboration between Audi and Google are known at this stage but automotive field has opened up a new battlefront between Google and Apple and their respective operating systems.

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