Google Android Under Another U.S. Antitrust Scrutiny

According to reports, Google is again under the watchful scrutiny from U.S antitrust regulator on charge whether the access Google has to Android OS has stifled competition.

Bloomberg has reported that FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has agreed with Justice Department to start a scrutiny into Google’s Android OS. Different technology company representatives have complained to FTC officials that Google gives undue preference to its own services on its Android operating system for mobiles which means that it restricts others unfairly.

The investigation is still in its infancy and not case has been brought against the company. However, FTC is again investigating a tech company that it had already investigated and decided with a vote of 5-0 to not bring a case against Google because of lack of evidence.

The European Union has also started its own investigation of Android OS already on complainants from companies like Nokia, Expedia and Microsoft.

The Android OS from Google has a market share of 59 percent in the US and Apple’s iOS has 38 percent market. The Windows OS from Microsoft has a meager 2.35 percent market share.

The Android OS has bundled many services like search and maps from Google, echoing the market manipulation that Microsoft used to have in case of Windows platform. However, unlike Microsoft’s Windows OS, Android is a not a monopoly.

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