Google, Apple Declared Most Valuable Brands

Technology companies managed to grab four out the top five positions in the annual brand ranking done by Interbrand. The biggest news is that Apple has dethroned Coca-Cola as the top valuable brand. Coca Cola is now at the 3 position and the number 2 position has been grabbed by none other than Google. IBM is occupying the fourth position and Microsoft sits at 5th position. Two more technology companies, Intel and Samsung, are also in the top ten list.

Apple’s brand value increased by 28 percent to $98.32 billion and Google’s rose by 34 percent to $93.29 billion.

Other notable technology companies also did very well. Amazon is at Number 19 and valued at $23.62 billion. Oracle, a company that operates at the business to business level and is less known in the streets is at 18th position and valued at $24.09 billion. Yahoo and Blackberry can not be found even in the top 100.

The biggest change in brand value was noted in case of Nokia which is now valued at $7.44 billion down 65 percent. Facebook brand managed to gain from 69 to 52 position which is kind of surprising given the fact that it is a household name.

The detailed criteria about how brand value is calculated by Interbrand is given here. It is a mixture of subjective and scientific methods. The entire lists of brands is available here.


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