Google and Apple Settle Operating Systems Lawsuits

Android Lineup - BeigeIn what can be easily called a big breakthrough for innovation, both Apple and Google have agreed to settlement of all lawsuits that are raging between both the tech giants related to smartphones operating systems.

Both have filed many lawsuits against each other, claiming that the other party is infringing on copyrighted patents in designing and production of rival smartphones.

Most of these lawsuits focus on similarities between the competing operating systems i.e Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Steve Jobs, who was also the co-founder of Apple, had at one time referred to Android as a product that is stolen.

Both the companies have now informed an appeals court in the US that their lawsuits against each other may be dismissed.

However, both the companies stated that cases relating to cross licensing of patents was not covered under this settlement. Neither this settlement puts an end to Apple’s litigation against South Korean tech giant Samsung.

Apple has been dragging Google and the adopters of its Android smartphones OS in the courts in an attempt to slow down growth of Android. However, these efforts have been in vain because more than 80 percent of all new smartphones are powered by Android.

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