Google ‘Attacks’ Microsoft By Bringing Windows Apps to Chrome OS

The idea of Google Chrome OS has been clearly to attack Microsoft’s dominance in the enterprise OS market. The arrival of cloud based OS has sent some jitters down Microsoft alleys but now Google is taking this attack to a higher pedestal.chromebook foto test

In a deal with VMWare Google has ensured that its Chromebooks can run Windows software without looking foreign. These apps, powered by cloud infrastructure of VMWare,  will run in the Chrome OS similar to how they currently run on Windows OS.

This workaround being announced by Google might not be the perfect solution and enterprises may not be warm to the idea because of potential security implications but the timing is just perfect. Microsoft is withdrawing support for its old Windows XP system and asking the users to pay additional fees for continued support or migrate to its Windows 7.

Microsoft’s internet explorer dominated the browser market a decade ago but today its share has shrunk to a mere 20 percent because of the popularity of Chrome OS which is somewhere around 40 percent.

Perhaps it was against this backdrop that Microsoft’s new CEO mantra is “cloud first” so that it can fend off attacks on its core.

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