Google Books Wins Copyright Case in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court in the United States has refused to hear a case against Google Books brought by the author’s claiming copyright infringement, it has been reported by Hill Reports.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled last October that it was within the fair use limits when Google posts searchable snippets from the books it has scanned. The case had dragged fore around 11 years and the Supreme Court’s decision will likely be the final end of it.

The book authors under the umbrella of Authors Guild had maintained that Google infringed on their copyrights when it scanned their complete books and then made available full texts for search. Another court had held in 2013 that Google’s Books process was so transformative that it was covered under the fair use protection. It was also noted by the lower court that Google Books presentation expanded public knowledge and did not discourage readers from purchasing the original books.

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