Google Calendar Bugs Adds Others to Your Private Events

If you are a Google Calendar user, you should be careful while naming your events otherwise you might disclose these to others. Presently Google Calendar automatically invites others to an event if it finds their email in the title – at certain times without even notifying the user creating the event.

This can actually lead to awkward situations as first reported by developer Terence Eden. Calendar does not send automatic email to the other person but it is possible for the other person to see the even in their pending invitations. Eden says that this is a web specific issue and does not happen on Android but it is possible for even non-Gmail users.

It appears that these automatic invitations are not intentional in Google Calendar. Google has told Eden that “the issue has minimal impact on the security of our users.”  It is quite very uncommon an occurrence but with the potential to put people in embarrassing situations. And more worryingly it could be used as a spam method to fill another person’s calendar with invitations.

Google has said that it is aware of the issue and working on to patch this.

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