Google Cuts Pricing by upto 85% for its Cloud Computing Services

Google-App-engineCloud computing is future and future is getting cheaper for sure. Google has announced that it is slashing prices for its Cloud Computing services.

Industry experts have opined that these price cuts, which are  up to 85 percent, are aimed at which currently has full domination of the cloud computing market and has rented computing power and cloud storage more than all the 14 rivals combined.

Google’s Urs Hölzle, has said that the storage and hardware prices have been falling and the gap should not exist between cloud computing prices and the hardware prices.

Amazon is the pioneer in starting renting out cloud computing processing storage in 2006. Google’s App Engine service was launched two years later in 2008. However, the tools that Google’s service offer are not as diverse as Amazon offers. In fact it is easier to build a Google’s Android application on Amazon’s cloud service.

The recent price cuts have made Google’s Compute Engine cloud service up to 60 percent cheaper than Amazon’s EC2.

Amazon is also likely to announce a response to this reduced pricing from Google in its own cloud even scheduled for Wednesday. Amazon has been cutting its cloud computing prices consistently and has done so about 40 times since its launch in 2006.

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