Google Doodle Celebrates International Women’s Day

Google is celebrating the International women’s day with a special Google Doodle dedicated to women of the world.


The doodle depicts 27 female chromosomes and leads to a video recognizing and paying tribute to 100 women. Among the women in the video are a Pakistan’s education activist girl, President of Lithuania and an explorer girl.

The music of the video is by zap Mama and the doodle is in the spirit of celebrating “amazing things women around the world have done and continue to do”.

The women depicted in the video change from country to country and in the UK the video of Google doodle on the international women’s day features Camila Batmangehelidjh and Katelyn Donnelly too.

The team behind building this Google doodle said that building it was hard because it is tough to summarize women in a graphic. The team leader of Google doodle, Ryan Germick told Telegraph:

“It’s a quick glimpse of what some women across the world are doing. We’re just going for people doing great things. A 20-part DVD wouldn’t have scratched the surface. We decided with the doodle format we could probably do a fun video.”

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