Google Finally Responds to Adwords GoogleGate

Martin MacDonald of Expedia EAN posted an article titled “GoogleGate – Can you Trust Google?” which featured a recorded voice mail of an account Manager of Google Adwords marketing program which he left for his client.


The account manager can be heard cursing that the client had upgraded his campaign of Adwords to enhanced status without his knowledge and then he says that he will now be forced to “pitch call extensions and sitelinks.”  He further says that he is least concerned that the client is using “those bridge pages or parked domains.”

From the voice mail the following inferences can be drawn:

  • The account representatives are pushed to upsell products without caring if those fit customer’s needs or not
  • The account manager is violating Google’s policy of not using bridge pages because Google Adwords does not allow ads for the promotion of bridge pages.

Google, when asked, has given the following comment on the matter:

We’ve addressed these issues with our vendor, and the person that was involved was removed from the AdWords team several weeks ago.

It appears that the employee in question was a contractor which Google had outsourced for support. However, there is a lot of debate after this post that whether this was an isolated incident or a major sales culture at Google Adwords.


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