Google Fined $1.4 Million Over Street View Cars in Italy

Google StreetViewGoogle was imposed a fine of $1.4 million in Italy and it has paid the fine over complaints that its cars that recorded street view maps in 2010 were not prominent enough for the people to recognize them and take privacy measure, Reuters has reported.

The data protection regulator in Italy said:

“Cars belonging to the giant of Mountain View roamed Italy’s streets without being entirely recognizable as such, therefore not allowing the people present in those places to decide whether to be photographed or not.”

This fine is only related to the those Street View vehicles which were not properly marked. Google also told the regulators during the proceedings that it also accidentally captured electronic communications data while mapping the country.

Google was also imposed a fine of 145,000 euroes in 2013 by a privacy watchdog in Germany over inadvertent interception of data over wifi networks while taking pictures during its street view project. The data that was intercepted included emails, usernames and passwords and other WiFi data.

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