Google Glass Release Date Delayed to Next Year

Google is reportedly shifting the launch date of its Google Glass product into 2014, according to ComputerWorld.

“The most important thing that we do is focus on building a great product for users whenever that might be launched,” a  Google spokesperson said.

The source who spoke to ComputerWorld said that the Google Glass will be launched next year thought originally these were thought to be released in 2013.


However, analysts are saying that this is not much of a surprise. It is just that Google is taking all the time it can get to ensure that Google Glass is right on mark when it is shipped the first time because of all the press and hype it has got.

At this moment a few thousand people have already got Google Glass as testers for the beta Explorer edition. Presently it cost around %1500, however, it is assumed that Google Glass will be a lot more in the affordable range when it is finally launched for general public

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