Google to Let Unknown Google+ Users to Email You on Gmail

gmailgoogle+Google has announced in a blog post that it will allow Gmail users to send email to each other without knowing the email addresses. With the new system a user will be able to send an email to a Gmail user by just adding him to a Google+ circle. David Nachum, Google Product manager said in a blog post that after this the user will be able to send the email to other Gmail user by only using his or her name.

According to the blog post, the above change will be taking effect in a few days. Gmail users are currently automatically given a Google+ account.

This new feature means that Gmail will be used aas a Google+ messaging service too and you can expect email from unknown users in your Gmail inbox. Initially your email address will be hidden from the other Google+ user but once you reply to the email, it will become visible to the other person. This new feature will be the default one but Google said that it will allow users to opt out of the new feature.

These new Gmail changes are indicative of how tightly Google is integrating its different products with its Google+ social netowkr. It earlier replaced Google Talk with Google+ Hangouts. Gmail contacts were shared with Google+ circles and YouTube comments were replaced with Google+ comments.


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