Google Lobbying to Avoid Google Glass Driving Ban

Google is busy lobbying against the proposed driving restrictions on the user of wearable technology technology Google Glass in at least three US state, Reuters has reported.

Google Glass and Future Health 25822

Presently at least 8 US states are reviewing Google Glass regulation for drivers. Safety advocates and law experts have shown concern that Google Glass and similar wearable gadgets will divert the attention of driver from driving and could lead to increase in accidents on roads.

Google lobbyists are busy in Delaware, Illinois and Missouri to persuade stakeholders and lawmakers that it is not required to limit Google Glass use while driving.

The main lobbying point of Google at this stage is that the regulation is premature because Google Glass is not yet widely available for public to establish with evidence that it leads to accidents.

Google Glass, a wearable glass with a tiny screen in the corner, is currently being used by a small number of beta testers and currently costs $1,500.

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