Google Loses Bid to Re-post Anti-Islam YouTube Video During Appeal

Google has lost bid to re-post anti-Islam video on YouTube during appeal, Reuters has reported.

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A U.S. appeals court (9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals) has declined to give Google stay against an earlier order by the court to remove the anti-Islam video ‘Innocence of Muslims’ from YouTube.

Google had contended before the court that the decision to force removal of the film from YouTube would have “devastating effects.”

In an earlier decision a U.S 9th Circuit Court had ordered Google, the parent company of YouTube, to remove anti-Islam movie from YouTube with a majority decision of 2-1. Google had contended at that time that this amounted to violation of U.S. Constitutional protection of free speech.

In its appeal Google has argued that the previous order of the court was “unprecedented” and “sweeping.”

The plaintiff in the case is an unknown actress Cindy Lee Garcia who has maintained that her work in the movie was dubbed with anti-Islam dialogues without her consent.

The controversial film led to protests across the Muslim world in 2012 which led to killing of many people.

Google’s YouTube is banned in Pakistan since then after it rejected Government of Pakistan’s request to block the anti-Islam movie in Pakistan.

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