Google Makes Search Even More Personal

Google have tweaked its search to make it even simpler for you to find personal information. Google can now search your scheduled flight information with query “Is my flight on time?” Similarly hotel reservations and package delivery information can also be searched. Information about personal calendar and purchases is also searchable now. You can also search your own pictures on Google with query : “Show me my photos of beaches.”


Users have the option to opt out of all these features which are scheduled to be rolled out to US search users during the next few days. These features will be rolled out to all devices excepting Google Glass. The same questions can be asked using Google Voice as well.

The new updates will be similar to Gmail Search Field Trial and if you are familiar with this, you will soon see these fields popping up. Google will extract all this information from your Gmail except the photos which will be coming from Google+ photos.

This search feature has many privacy implications and therefore Google has made this an opt-out. Google has however said that the information is sent over encrypted connections and is visible only to you. If you do not like it, you can always turn it off by looking for Private results in Search Settings.

The list of queries to be used can be found here.

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