Google Offered $10 Billion for Buying WhatsApp: Report

The surprise acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook was not the result of a sole offer. According to Fortune, Google had also offered to buy WhatsApp for $10 billion.facebook-whatsapp The magazine also reports that the offer by Google did not include a board seat, which WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum will get now after acquisition by Facebook.

Fortune magazine says that two different sources have confirmed that Google made the offer, though no details about the timing of the offer have been revealed.

In comparison the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp took place quite speedily with the first contact being on February 9th. And later on Valentine’s Day, Koum agreed to sell WhatsApp in a private dinner with Zuckerberg.

Koum has promised that even after WhatsApp’s purchase by Facebook, nothing will change at users’ end because Facebook will not integrate WhatsApp and will let it to run independently.

WhatsApp currently has 450 million users and the impressive growth of 1 million users per month could not escape the attention of both Google and Facebook.

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