Google Ordered to Take Down Anti-Islam Youtube Film

A US Federal Appeals Court has ordered to take down an anti Islam YouTube movie that had led to protests across the Muslim world resulting in deaths of many people. YouTube sign in San Bruno, CA

The US 9th Circuit Court, with a vote of 2-1, rejected Google’s assertion that the removal of the film Innocent of Muslims will amount to violation of the freedom of speech ensured in the US constitution.

However, the film has not been removed on the basis of the content it contains but on a copyright case brought against Google by Cindy Lee Garcia, an actress in the film who said that the film was later dubbed with the dialogues like (“Is your Muhammad a child molester?”,  which she never agreed to when signing up for it.

Earlier a lower court had sided with YouTube and now ordered the removal of the film but the 9th Circuit judges were of the view that the copyright claims of Garcia were likely to be held true and that the film has resulted in “serious threats against her life”, therefore an injunction was ordered.

This is the first such case in which the copyright claim of an individual artist in a film has been upheld and led to take down of a whole film.

The Innocence of Muslims has resulted in a permanent ban on YouTube in many countries including Pakistan.

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